Solar Road Stud, (SM-716)


Model ID SM-716
Specification Solar Cell: Single Crystalline Silicon (3V, 75mA)
Storage Battery: Ni-MH (1200mAH)
Light Source: Super Luminosity LED
LED Quantity: 6 pieces
Work Time: > 108 hours
Work Temperature: (-25) to (+75) degree C.
Material: Aluminium Alloy & Polycarbonate
Resist Compression: 10 tons
Waterproof Grade IP>67
View Distance: Over 800m
Dimension LWD: 132mm x 122mm x 32mm

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Solar Safety Products: Dev Plastics have its own range of SOLAR safety products such as road studs, delineators, warning lights, chevron, signages and blinkers. Key Features include solar panel which are rechargeable, self-illuminating during dim and night time and have super bright LEDs and equipped with prismatic reflective lens.