LED Search Light, (SM-1043)


Name Search Light LED Heavyduty
Model ID SM-1043
Specification LED: High Power 10W CREE T6
Input AC Charging: AC 220V/50Hz
Operation Time: Up To 4 hrs Approx.
Handle: Integrated Body Part.
Body: ABS Black Body
Weight: 1kg 300 gms (Approx.)
Functions: Strong, Super Strong, Flasher
Battery: L/A Rechargeable
Battery Recharge Time: Approx. 8 hrs
Belt: Adjustable Shoulder Belt Provided
Range: Up to 1000m(Approx.)

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Other Safety Accessories: It includes Hand-Held & Door Metal Detectors, Caution Tape, various lines of Search Lights, Breath Alcohol Analyser, Wheel Lock and Under Vehicle Search Mirror.