Delineator, (SM-333)


Model ID SM-333
Specification Delineation System (LDS) panels are
fabricated from prismatic grade reflective
sheeting laminated on to thin gauge aluminium.
LDS panels are formed to a unique shape and applied
to concrete barriers and metal guard rails providing retro
reflection across a wide range entrance and observation angles.
Use of LDS: Round about gap in medium, flyovers and curves.
Dimension Size of the LDS: 4×34 inch (3inch is the actual length of the panel to formation)
Available Color Yellow, Red, White

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Delineators: Delineators are tall pylons mounted on the road surface, or along the edge of a road, and are used to channelize traffic. These are a form of raised pavement marker which are tall enough to impact not only a vehicle’s tires but the vehicle body itself. They usually contain one or more reflective strips. They can be round and open in the centre or curved (45-degree sections) of plastic with a reflective strip. They are also used in low reflective markers in a “T” shape. They can also be used to indicate lane closures as in cases where the number of lanes is reduced.